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Hoy tengo el placer el inaugurar una nueva sección en mi blog titulada «#WednesdayInterview with». Dicha sección recogerá una entrevista semanal a profesionales referentes dentro del panorama del Marketing Digital a nivel nacional e internacional.

De esta manera, tengo el honor de inaugurar esta nueva sección «#WednesdayInterview with» con la inestimable colaboración de Adel de Meyer.

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Adel de Meyer es experta Social Media, Embajadora Hootsuite, Social Media influencer y consultora en Brisbane, Australia. Reconocida con un referente internacional dentro del social media, con un indice de klout de 79 y Kred 944/9. Adel de Meyer ama todo lo relacionado con lo digital y tiene pasión por los temas relacionados con marca personal. Adel de Meyer ayuda tantos a empresas como a perfiles profesionales independientes a construir relaciones con las herramientas de Social Media y Marketing en general.

Sus referencias;

  • Indice de Klout 79
  • Indice de Kred 944/9
  • Social Selling Index (SSI) – 86
  • Top 1% Profile in Hootsuite & Marketing AU.
  • Top 5% of Social Media Users Global – Klear
  • Listed – Social Media Expert by Klout & Klear
  • Top 18 Social Media Coach – Dr Jim Barry NSU
  • Top 25 Social Media Blog to Follow – Post Planner

Mas info en su web, o en su perfil LinkedIn.

Entrevista – Interview 

In the first place, thank you so much for to inaugurate this new section of my blog. For me is a big honour open this new section with your interview.
Let’s start from the beginning if you like.

  1. What do you like most about digital marketing?

What I like most about digital marketing is how it is transforming and touching everyday lives in this digitally focused era we live in. Digital marketing gives us the power to instantly entertain, inform and educate any audience globally.

  1. You are a Hootsuite ambassador and are ranking in the top 1% on LinkedIn for the company. Why did you decide to become an ambassador and partner of Hootsuite?

In 2013 I stumbled across the Hootsuite platform when researching online social media tools. I immediately fell in love with the all in one solution this platform provides to individuals and businesses. I was approached by Hootsuite in 2014 to join the ambassador program as they identified me as a brand influencer. I said yes without hesitation!

  1. How many Hootsuite Hootup events have you hosted so far, and what was the experience like?

I have successfully hosted two Hootsuite events in Brisbane city to date. The experience working so closely with the Hootsuite community team has been great. The public really enjoyed learning more about Hootsuite face to face and having the opportunity to collect some cool HootSwag! The feedback has been amazing and I am hoping to host another event soon. You can see some photos on my Facebook page here > http://bit.ly/hootuppics

  1. You are a mentor, coach, Social Media consultant, Hootsuite trainer, live streamer and blogger. You have great personal brand communication across your channels plus you have a family, how do you organize your time to do it all?

It gets overwhelming having to manage time to do it all – sometimes I work 16 hour days to get everything done, BUT I make a point of taking time out from it all and to spend quality time with my family or pampering myself with a trip to the spa. I use a lot of online tools to help me with content, design and monitoring conversations. Have a look at tools like Canva, Zoomph, Brandwatch, Google analytics, Commun.it, Hootsuite and Calendly.

  1. Being in the digital marketing industry yourself, you are a great reference professionally as a personal brand and managing your own brand online. What are some basic tips you can share about managing brand image?

First of all it starts with YOUR message, your target audience and your passions. You have to know exactly what you want to achieve, the problem you solve and how you are going to communicate WHO you are to a global audience. Then you need to establish a good brand identity in terms of your logo and brand colours. I would say having a good professional website and completed well branded social media profiles are a must in today’s digital space.

For entrepreneurs I recommend using Twitter and LinkedIn to grow and connect with key people in their industry.

  1. Your Klout score is high at a total of 79. What actions do you recommend for a good Klout score?

Klout measure mainly the engagement on your content. I think if you want to grow your Klout score make sure you provide content that people want to share or comment on. For Klout you need to be active all the time online. I send about 20 tweets a day of good content for my audience and post across all other platforms at least once daily. Some people are still influential without a high Klout score, it shouldn’t be the only measure of someone’s influence.

  1. Your LinkedIn profile is amazing. What are the essentials in having a good LinkedIn profile?

Thank you! For me a good LinkedIn profile has a strong professional photo, a really good summary of introduction of who you are, the problem you solve and how you can help others. You also need to list completed job positions, all your awards and projects and remember to add some interactive content like photos and url’s to your profile. LinkedIn is a very powerful tool, invest a good amount of time in making your profile stand out – you won’t regret it!

  1. What are some tools you use on a daily basis? How do you stay productive as a social media and brand manager?

Listed here in the images are some tools I use for Twitter and Instagram:

herramientas adel del meyer - Mar Carrillo

Other tools I use are:

  • Google analytics
  • Gmail and Google calendar – also Calendly for my Blab sessions
  • Blab.im
  • Zoomph
  • Feedly
  • Repost for Instagram
  • Flipboard
  • Pocket
  • Aillis Android photo edit app
  • Dropbox and Google Drive
  1. Describe to us a normal day in the life of Adel de Meyer?

On an average day I get up at about 5.30AM in the morning. After coffee and only after coffee do I start the day with checking emails and social media notifications.

After this I tackle my client’s projects for the day and then get to work on my personal blog, streaming, social media conversations, Twitter chats and interviews. I drink about 5 cups of coffee and 4 litres of water with a big healthy lunch to keep me going.

I normally end a work day at about 6PM and then spend time with my family watching our favourite tv show and having dinner. On weekends we enjoy a trip to the beach, exploring a new 4×4 off-road track or being coach potatoes just relaxing J

  1. Lastly, when will we have the honour of seeing you at a conference here in Spain?

I would LOVE to visit Spain! I will surely let you know the moment I get an opportunity to host or speak at a digital marketing/social media event.

#wednesdayInterview with - Mar Carrillo

Desde aquí quería agradecer la gran amabilidad y cercanía de Adel de Meyer, tanto por su disponibilidad total disponibilidad (skype, email..)  como por su gran amabilidad.

herramientas adel del meyer - Mar Carrillo

Próximamente dejaré un enlace aquí con la entrevista traducida al español, para que puedas descargártela y leerla si tienes algún problema con el inglés.

Así…¡Queda inaugurada la nueva sección!🌴🌴🌴 Espero que os haya gustado.

Si tenéis alguna petición, idea o propuesta no dudéis en poneros en contacto conmigo por el siguiente enlace, o si lo preferís, dejar un comentario.

Saludos y buena semana para todos!

Mar Carrillo


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